Thing 4: Voices in the Blogosphere

Wow!  There is a ton of information being blogged upon.  So much to read, so much to learn, so much to decipher.  It is a challenge to me not to spend all day caught in the blogosphere, the web, etc…  Once I begin reading, I often follow link upon link and the next thing I know, it’s been a couple of hours.  (And if you know me, you know I don’t have a couple of hours…)  I enjoy it, but how/where does one draw the line.  It’s not like a book that has a start and an end.  Blogs are more like the Energizer Bunny.

The reading is easy, often informative, and at the very least, thought provoking. It certainly can promote learning.  I read 7-8 blog posts today.  I followed links, read more, and read more.  From Dan Meyer’s Why I Don’t Assign Homework, I took several ideas for my own classes (I also teach math).  I really like his suggestion of giving regular, practice, and challenge work.  From Matthew Needleman’s post, Energize Your Classroom, I also took ideas and inspiration.  Never heard of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money before, but you can bet I will look into it now.  In fact, I already bookmarked his Sound Board!

From a parenting standpoint, I read some great info and gained some fantastic ideas to use with my own son!  He’s only 11 months old, but I will most certainly ask him, “What Did You Create Today?” questions! Another favorite, was Kris Bradburn’s  How to Prevent Another Leonardo Da Vinci.  This one definitely speaks to both my professional and parenting philosophies.

If my students and/or colleagues can utilize blogging in a similar (although hopefully more efficient) manner, the possibilities are endless. Although much of the info is opinion, much of it also links to resources.  So, one can check out the opinion, discern (hopefully) information appropriate to one’s situation, and move forward with a bit more knowledge or at the very least, drive for more knowledge.

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